Mature Safety Culture

IOT is a responsible corporate citizen committed to the protection of people and the environment. Our commitment to promoting a safe culture at all our terminals and sites providesadded value to our employees, customers, shareholders and communities.

Our key focus areas include but are not restricted to:

  • Propagation of our Just culture awareness guidelines
  • Use Job Safety analysis for injury prevention
  • Promote healthy and fit behaviors
  • Generate HSSE Alerts and Learn from high potential incidents, near misses, and observations
  • Mitigate transportation safety risks
  • Enhance resource conservation

IOT has a mature safety culture where employees are encouraged to recognize and act upon hazardous work conditions posing a threat to themselves and to their coworkers.IOT’s HSSE Policy emphasizes on behavior-based safety to continually improve our safety culture. The positive behavior is awarded and the negative behavior is analyzed through Oiltanking’s “Just Culture” guidelines.

  • IOT Has Just culture in place apart from the No Blame culture Philosophy where the systems and procedures are analyzed for any HSSE lapse.
  • The Just culture includes identification of the positive HSSE Behaviors like Good and Exemplary behavior and Identification of seven Negative HSSE Behaviors like slip, Mistake, Unintended Violation, Violation for company Benefits, situational violation, Violation for Personal Benefits and Reckless Violations.
  • This aspect is also coupled in the Incident investigation during the Root cause Analysis of an incident.
  • We have increased focus on just culture to drive safer behaviors and encourage sharing of lessons learned.